Laks at Stonewall Equality Dinner by Tiger Iron

Gaysians co-founder Laks Mann recently attended the Stonewall Equality Dinner 2018.  The annual event was led by Ruth Hunt (Chief Executive), with a keynote speech by Olly Alexander (Years & Years)  and live entertainment by Collabro.  

For the LGBT community and allies, the event was a celebration of our collective achievements in bringing about social change and in working towards equality.

The event was a great opportunity to meet others and spread the message about the work of Gaysians.  It was heartening to receive so much encouragement and support to continue to represent the LGBT+ Asian community and to ensure that visibility matters.


We are HERE! by Tiger Iron

Gaysians We Are Here.jpg

It’s hard to believe it was nearly half a year ago now that the vision that was ‘Gaysians’ came together at Pride in London. The largest group of South Asians marching together under one banner at a UK Pride event. 

Today, we launch the next stage of our vision – officially launching our brand and our website, and our first event of 2018 (see below), and most importantly, our mission. Far too long we’ve been invisible. In the mainstream, but also in the Asian community. No more. 

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What's next? We've got big plans for 2018, including our first event of the year for LGBT History Month, Desi Lesbians. Tickets on sale now.

This is the start of something beautiful. 

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Khakan Qureshi talks Gaysians in The Guardian by Tiger Iron

Gaysians friend, Khakan Qureshi, speaks to The Guardian on how WhatsApp helped mobilise the largest ever LGBT+ Asian group marching in London Pride this year.

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