2017: the year South Asian culture finally gets celebrated? / by Tiger Iron

It might seem unremarkable to you that a load of your brown mates have celebrated Diwali this weekend, but for most second and third-generation South Asian immigrants, identity is a nuanced thing. Celebrating cultural differences can be a bit unwieldy when there’s a perpetual balancing act between accepting the customs and traditions of your family’s world, while simultaneously wanting to blend, unnoticed, into the local culture. The latter has often overtaken the former since “immigrant” became a dirty word and brownness became synonymous with “terrorist”. Seeming “normal” by white standards became increasingly important to a generation. In 2017, however, this is starting to change: in a post-Brexit, post-Trump landscape in which racism is becoming increasingly rife, South Asians across the UK are starting to embrace their heritage and duality in an unprecedented way, be it through social media, zines, art, or even LGBT nights. 

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