100 'Gaysians' marched at Pride in London this year for the first time ever / by Tiger Iron


'Asian communities play a vital role in British culture and the economy. Let's be proud of that.'

Gaysians is a new support group, bringing together British Asian LGBTI people under one united banner.

It’s 50 years since the decriminalization of homosexuality in the UK, as well as 70 years since India’s independence from British rule.

Co-founded by Reeta Loi, Gaysians provides a safe space for British Asians to ‘find inspiring stories, events and meet-ups, support and community.’

Reeta writes short stories, poetry and makes music, as well as writes a monthly column for Diva Magazine.

Gay Star News sat down with Reeta to discuss why marching at Pride in London is so important for visibility and acceptance within the community...

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