DESI LESBIANS: Meet the moderator, Reeta Loi / by Tiger Iron

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Desi Lesbians, taking place Sunday 25th February at the Ritzy Picturehouse, explores the reasons behind the lack of visible, out, lesbian and bi South Asian women.

In the first of our multi-part series, we introduce the moderator of the panel discussion, Reeta Loi. 


Who is Reeta?

Reeta Loi is a London-born Indian writer, musician and activist. She is co-founder and CEO of She is a multi-format creative, making work related to identity through music, poetry, short stories and performance. She writes a monthly column for DIVA magazine and has been featured in The Sunday Times, BBC Asian Network, Sunrise Radio and been published by Palewell Press. She recently joined, a leading South Asian lifestyle magazine as Publishing Director. In 2017 Reeta was the highest ranking desi lesbian in the DIVA Power List.

Why Desi Lesbians? 

"I'm interested in creating a space for LBT desi women to discuss and connect over some of our shared experiences. What are the reasons behind us remaining largely hidden. How can we celebrate what it means to be queer desi women and develop community. Following my recent travels, I'll also be looking at what we can learn from LBT movements in India. But mainly, I just want to get as many beautiful LBT desi women in a room together as possible and say "Hello, HERE we are!"

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