Gaysians co-founder makes Diva Power List 2017 / by Tiger Iron

The DIVA Power List is the most coveted ranking of influential lesbian and bi women in the world.

Reeta Loi.jpg

We're proud to say that Gaysians co-founder Reeta Loi was placed 32nd in 2017, the highest ranking South Asian on the list. Also recognised is Pratibha Parmar (view the full list).

Says DIVA, "When we launched the DIVA Power List last year, we were completely overwhelmed by the votes we received – not to mention the letters, emails and tweets. Designed to celebrate the amazing achievements of women and non-binary people in our community, we asked you to nominate the people who inspire you and we were so pleased that you got on board and did just that.

You’ve shown your support again this year, and the DIVA Power List 2017 is even bigger and better. Due to the sheer number of votes received, as well as the top 100 community heroes, celebrities, business leaders and politicians, we’ve created a list of power couples and a list of allies – those who, time and time again, have chosen to stand with us in good times, as well as bad. This is our thank you to them. As with last year, we’re delighted to see the true diversity of the LGBT community represented in your votes, and we hope this is an accurate reflection of our achievements over the last 12 months.

It’s been a memorable year – and not necessarily for the right reasons. While we’ve made great leaps forward in some regards – for example, marriage equality in Australia – we still wait for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

This year we have also been witness to increasing violence towards LGBT people in places like the US, Chechnya, and the UK, as well as the erosion of trans rights and growing political instability globally.

But even in these tumultuous times – especially in these tumultuous times – lesbians, bi women and non-binary people are doing amazing and vital work, and we think it’s more important now than ever that we recognise and celebrate these achievements. Let’s get on with it!"