DESI LESBIANS: Meet the panellists, SIM (Tomboy) / by Tiger Iron

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Desi Lesbians, taking place Sunday 25th February at the Ritzy Picturehouse, explores the reasons behind the lack of visible, out, lesbian and bi South Asian women.

In the third of our multi-part series, we introduce panellist Seema Mattu, aka SIM, founder of TOMBOY


For those that don't know you, could you please introduce yourself? 

I’m Seema, but you can call me SIM. I’m originally from Birmingham and float between there and London. I am a moving image artist, having graduated from Central Saint Martins UAL in 2016 and have more recently founded TOMBOY in late 2017, which seeks to drive discourse around minority subject matter through creative means - talks, screenings, events, articles etc. My current LGBT+ endeavours include my affiliation with the Birmingham LGBT - Finding a Voice group and becoming an LGBT BAME/POC Role Model with Stonewall. 

What led you to start TOMBOY?

There are so many reasons! Recent developments in my personal life have led to me recognising how very lucky I am to be in a position to offer support and act as a pillar of visibility for others - this was something I wanted to provide to wider audiences on a more grand, more concrete level and this is at the core of TOMBOY: a place, a space, digital and/or not, to be part of and privy to progression.

Why is Desi Lesbians an important event for you to be a part of?

Rather than lesbian invisibility I would actually call it lesbian reluctancy. I fully appreciate each individual story, and that there might be a number of reasons why a lesbian wouldn’t be visible to the community. All I can stress is that if you are in a position to be more visible and vocal, please do it. I am hoping this event will encourage that view. 

Meet SIM, and join us for an evening of female-led films, thought-provoking discussion, drinks and DJ sets. The panel is hosted by Reeta Loi, co-founder of Gaysians.

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