Reeta Loi discusses Desi Lesbians on BBC Radio London / by Tiger Iron


“There've been events happening since the 80s… What we want to do is highlight that the conversation hasn’t moved forward with the South Asian community." – Reeta Loi

Gaysians co-founder and Desi Lesbians moderator, Reeta Loi, was interviewed by Sunny and Shay on BBC Radio London on Sunday 11th February to discuss Desi Lesbians.

The event takes place on Sunday 25th February at the Ritzy Picturehouse Brixton, and attempts to uncover the reasons behind desi lesbian invisibility. 

The panel is made up of pioneering women, spanning five decades, sharing experiences and herstories. The event will include the screening female-led films, followed by discussion, DJ sets and drinks. Limited tickets are still available.

Listen to the interview (begins at 1h16).

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