Desi Lesbians held at the Ritzy Picturehouse / by Tiger Iron

 Desi Lesbians Panel

Desi Lesbians Panel

On Sunday 25th February, Gaysians held our first solo event of the year, DESI LESBIANS: Where are you?, at the Ritzy Picturehouse in Brixton. 

The sold-out event featured the screening of female-led films, including Signature Move, a story about a desi Muslim lesbian, Zaynab, trying to keep both her love life and her passion for wrestling a secret from her mother; and a short film entitled Little Elephant about the estranged relationship between a father and his gay daughter.

Following the films, we held a panel discussion, exploring the cultural factors that lead to desi lesbian invisibility. The panel was made up of pioneering women, spanning five decades, sharing experiences and herstories. The panel was hosted by Reeta Loi, co-founder of Gaysians; and included DJ Ritu of Club Kali; Shelina, co-founder of Hidayah; and SIM, founder of TOMBOY.

More media from the event will be available in the coming weeks.

THE CONVERSATION CONTINUES. The Desi Lesbians panel has been invited to participate in the WOW – Women of the World festival at Southbank Centre on Saturday 10th March with DESI LESBIANS: The Conversation Continues.. We'll be picking up where the first panel left off. Tickets for the festival are now sold out, but if you have a pass, we hope to see you at the Saturday session.