Laks Mann interviewed by Reuters / by Daljinder Johal

Gaysians co-founder Laks Mann appeared in an article from Thomson Reuters Foundation, which covered an interview with Indian actor, Manoj Bajpayee, during the Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival 2018.  

Bajpayee discussed the need for increased screen time of LGBT characters in Bollywood movies to help bring about a shift in cultural thinking.

Laks Mann contributed his perspective on the importance of visibility and representation stating:

'It was important for members of the LGBT community in South Asia to see themselves represented in cinema. 

“(People) can related to those stories and it helps bring down barriers, it helps stop some subjects being taboo, it opens up discussion,” Mann said.'

In light of this, Gaysians are partnering the 2018's LGBTQ film screenings at the Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival. 

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