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Naz and Matt Foundation: Support Meetup for Religious Parents & LGBTQI Individuals

The Naz and Matt Foundation invites parents of LGBTQI+ individuals to join a discussion to better understand the sexuality and gender identity of their children, by asking questions to members of the LGBTQI+ community without fear of 'getting it wrong' or 'saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment'.

LGBTQI+ individuals, we invite to come along to ask parents questions about their own perspectives, and to help them understand us - who we really are - ultimately to help them understand their LGBTQI+ children more.

Our aim is to make it a relaxed and informal gathering for everyone. We will be interested to hear your personal stories, your hopes for the group and how ways we can support each other.

• The venue location can be viewed only by members of the Meetup group for safety (see registration link below).
• There is a maximum capacity at the event of approximately 16 – so please register soon.
• It will be a great help to the organisers if you can complete the questions on your Meetup profile as it will help us understand who is attending in advance and plan the evening accordingly.

Register here.

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