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'Queer' Asia

‘Queer’ Asia is a network of queer identifying scholars, academics, activists, artists and performers. It is a platform for inter-Asia collaboration, dialogue and research on issues affecting people who self-identify as LGBTQ+ or belong to other non-normative sexualities and gender identities in Asia, or Asian diasporas and beyond.

With two queerly packed conferences in June 2016 and June 2017 we’re all set to bring out the third installment of QA titled ‘Bodies X Borders’. Our conferences feature academic panels, films, and talks from all over Asia including South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Singapore, and Mongolia.

This year we organise the third edition of our annual conference with Queer Asia 2018: Bodies X Borders (QA18). It focuses on dialogues on burgeoning questions around bodies and borders, with their attendant biopolitics. How are queer lives being managed and manoeuvred? How do they intersect and intervene with the realities and representations of queer communities in Asia and within Asian diasporas.

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